In just 3 clicks, you can turn any text into a 100% human-sounding voiceover! with Speechelo text to speech


No one will be able to know that your voiceover was generated by artificial intelligence.

Convert any text into voice.

– Both male and female voices are available.

– The only text-to-speech engine that incorporates voice inflections.

[English] and 23 other languages have been used in this work.

– Over 30 voices which really sound human.

– Read the material in three different tones: normal, pleasant, and tragic.

– Bye-bye to expensive voiceover artists and dishonest freelancers.

– Compatible with any video editing software.


Create a BRAND NEW voiceover using any of the Speechelo voices. Create a fresh voiceover in the same language by entering any YouTube link. Then, using Speechelo, translate it into any of the various languages. Simply follow the steps to begin your own business.

  • In the cloud-based text editor, paste your YouTube link.
  • Add a voice and select a language.
  • In seconds, you may generate and download.

Why Is This Software Beneficial to Us?

You don’t like your voice and don’t want to hire a voice artist to change it. Text-to-speech software from Speechelo is becoming a more powerful tool for making your films more appealing and professional.

Take a look at how this program can be beneficial to you:

  • Make videos that can be sold.
  • Produce instructional videos.
  • Demonstration videos are available.
  • Start your own business as a beginning.
  • Demonstration videos.
  • As a beginner start up your own business.
  • It help freelancers to complete projects and reduce working hours.
Speechelo Features

Speechelo’s Features

Speechelo is the most recent text converter software that effectively converts text to audio. We’ll go over the features of the Best Voice-Over Software of 2021 below.

The most significant function is the ability to convert text into voice with suitable tones and pronunciation.

With extra features such as 23 languages, you can turn your speech into masculine, female, or children’s voices to make your films great.

It may be used to make videos with other software such as Camtasia, Adobe Premiere, iMovie, Audacity, and others.

This software includes three tones: normal, joyful, and sad, with which you can quickly customize your voice to match your video.

When you wish to start a career as a video editor, say goodbye to high-priced voice actors.

It is time-saving software for a freelancer who accepts video editing or voice-over artist proposals and turns their working hours into minutes.

Speechelo PRO

Speechelo Pro

The normal edition of Speechelo is excellent, but how about DOUBLE the voices and even MORE features?

Speechelo Pro comes to the rescue in this situation. I paid for the upgrade for this Speechelo review.

For starters, Speechelo pro comes with DOUBLE the amount of voices. The ordinary plan often includes only 30 voices, whereas the pro plan offers up to 60+!

Another nice feature is the ability to create extended voiceovers. Normally, voiceovers are restricted to 700 characters, but they can be up to four times longer with Speechelo pro.

The third perk of the pro plan is access to 40 captivating background music tracks. For your advertisements, these songs are available in a number of genres, ranging from cinematic to happy to motivational music.

One of my favorite aspects of the pro plan is the commercial license feature. This means you may sell your Speechelo voiceovers to others (for example, on Fiverr) and keep 100% of the proceeds!

Finally, the Speechelo pro bundle includes a voiceover cash machine bonus, which is essentially the cherry on top. This freebie comes in the form of an ebook that shows how to publish your voiceover gigs and attract a ton of clients.

Overall, the pro upgrade provides a significant amount of value that you would not otherwise receive.

Let’s take a look at the pricing and charges of the Speechelo pro plan.

Speechelo Pro Price and Costs

So, how much does Speechelo pro cost, and what is the price range?

Is it required to pay a monthly charge to access the features of Speechelo pro?

You don’t have any! That’s fantastic news!

You simply make quarterly payments of $47, which you can cancel at any time.

Users of the Standard edition of Speechelo can upgrade to the Pro version. As a result, you must first purchase Speechelo Standard before upgrading to the pro version.

The best option is to start with the ordinary plan and then upgrade to pro if you like it and need more features.

Our Verdict

Speechelo is a one-of-a-kind software that offers a human-sounding voice as well as other capabilities that set it distinct from the competition. You receive AI-powered voice generation and save hundreds of dollars on recording costs, freelancer remuneration, and other expenses. Furthermore, Speechelo’s generated speech sounds natural and human. Even Siri and Alexa’s voices have a synthetic tinge to them that is difficult to ignore.

Aside from restricted language support, there’s nothing that screams, “Hey!” Everything that says, “Please buy this!” and “Don’t buy this!”

Speechelo gets a 9 out of 10 from us.

We hope you enjoyed reading our Speechelo review. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments section below.


Is Speechelo a useful application?

Yes, the most up-to-date and finest solution for converting text to speech is Speechelo software. The Speechelo results will astound you, and the software’s UI is superb.

What exactly is VoIP (voice-over-internet-protocol) software?

You may add voice to any word or paragraph with voiceover software. Converting text to speech is also possible.

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